I am a UX designer
with an interest in psychology
While my background is primarily in communication and UX design, you will often find me participating in a variety of cross-disciplinary activities, including research, front end web development, and writing. In the past I have written content for a web design course, spoke at a conference “What Do You Know”, and wrote a book on UX design that will be published in 2016. In a nutshell, my approach to design extends beyond the screen. I am not a designer who will follow the latest trend. I am a strategist who will craft the perfect solution to any given problem.
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Or what do I bring to the table

Visual Design

Design is not a magic potion that fixes everything, but often it may appear as such as it does fix a lot. My understanding of visual design goes beyond the latest trend as I have studied its effect on psychology with colour, composition and movement. Design is just another way to communicate with your audience.

User Experience

Even the best design in the world will not save the product that has fundamental flaws. When I work on the project, I make sure its structure is impeccable. That is achieved by User Experience design, and involves many aspects. Among them user research, user testing, persona creation, analysis, wireframing and front end web development.


I have excellent written communication skills, as evidenced by my past work experience. Not only have I succesfully communicated with teams from overseas, but I have also written study materials for online educational institutions.


What I have done in the past does not show what I can do in the future. But it can give you an idea of what I am capable of.

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2016 Calendar Design


My skills and knowledge.

  • Strategy

    Finding simple solutions to complex problems

    To every problem, however overwhelming it may seem, there is a simple solution. Most problems only appear complex, but are in truth, composed of smaller, simple parts. The trick is to not take things at their face value. I aim to really understand both the client and the target audience, as this understanding often reveals a simple solution to the problems that appeared most complex previously.

  • User Experience

    Designing for the way people are

    Often products are designed for the way we think people are, or for the way we would like them to be. That approach is fatal to success. In order to design a product that works, it is crucial to know exactly who will be using it and how. That is why I do extensive user research before making assumptions and offering solutions of any kind. That is also why extensive user tests are implemented to test all suggeted solutions.

  • Visual Design

    People do judge a book by its cover

    However much we'd like to believe that people don't care about the appearance, deep inside we know it isn't so. Design is not a solution and it will not fix structural problems, but often it is what decides whether product will be successful or not. Good design is not about making something merely look good, it is about communicating to users on a subconscious level. As someone who has been involved in visual communication in one way or another for almost 10 years, I see just how much of a difference it makes on a project.

  • Communication

    The most crucial skill of today

    Long gone are the days when experts could quietly work behind closed doors. Today, the world is getting smaller and the need for excellent communications skills is felt lke never before. With projects involving teams from different continents, and the ability to communicate is absolutely crucial. As part of my improvement on that skill I have been writing content for online education as well as speaking at "What Do You Know" in Sydney - a conference aimed at spreading the knowledge in the digital community.

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